Our Goal

We all grieve in different ways, whether from the loss of someone/something we loved or from the loss of something we valued/depended on. The average person cannot comprehend the grief from the loss of a limb(s). Two arms and two legs are things that most people take for granted. When a person loses their limb, they not only experience grief but they also have to learn all new skills to help them live day to day.

There are many obstacles to overcome when dealing with limb loss. One of the biggest obstacles can be dealing with insurance companies. My insurance denied my doctor's request for me to receive a prosthetic right arm 3 times, stating that it wasn’t medically necessary for me to have my dominant arm. One of the questions they asked my Doctor, “Have you exhausted all resources?” His response, “Her arm is not going to grow back.”

Healing takes time and a lot of patience. There are an abundance of appointments with doctors, physical therapists, prosthetists and loads of research. Dealing with the grief of your limb loss, the change in your everyday, the doctors and insurance companies can all become very overwhelming very quickly but we want to make it easier on you or your family member.

Our goal is spread awareness to as many amputees and family members of amputees as possible. We want to help make them aware of our organization and the possibilities to reach and maintain the best possible life after limb loss. We want to be there at the time of a traumatic amputation or just before, if it is scheduled. We do not want anyone to learn by trial and error like I did. We want to share our experiences, knowledge and abilities to make their transition as cost effective and as pain free as possible - with limited to no amounts of trauma, suffering or confusion.

We provide gift bags with educational resources and a few things they won’t know that they need yet for their daily life not covered by insurance. We offer free counseling to help amputees understand their new normal and allow them to talk with an amputee that has been through what they are experiencing.

We want to help find the best solutions for every amputee, to help them live with less pain, to be able to comfortably live in their home, to get back to work if possible and to simply enjoy life. We have been through the same grief, the same obstacles, the same struggles and we can provide you and/or your loved one with help, understanding and kindness.