Who We Are

angel2My name is Angel O’Brien and I am a Transhumeral Amputee (Above the elbow) and the Executive Director of Palmetto Amputee Network.

Our mission is to empower amputees through networking, counseling, education, helping to meet needs not covered by insurance and working towards goals. We want to be a resource for new amputees and an encouragement to all amputees.

There are so many things insurance does not cover that new amputees need to adjust to everyday life. Please help us to be that difference in the Carolinas.

We are a registered Charity in South Carolina and have received our 501 C 3.

ivan2Our CEO is Dr. Ivan Chernev 

Dr. Ivan Chernev, M.D. is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and provides care for patients in the Florence area and surrounding communities.

Dr. Chernev has more than 15 years' experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation, specializing in neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. His passion is to improve the lives of Amputees and he started the Palmetto Amputee Awareness Walk in 2015.


penny2This is Penny Gale. She is the assistant Director and a 40 + yr. amputee.  This mom of six had her first amputation in 1978 due to a congenital birth defect and her last surgery in 2014 to an above the knee amputee.

Penny loves working with amputees to help them achieve new goals and realize that we are missing a limb or two but that doesn’t hold us back from enjoying life.

Our Advisory Board that offers advice, experience and helps us make the best decisions on how to serve amputees is comprised of amputees and/or persons in the medical field working daily to improve the lives of amputees.

We work with Hanger Prosthetics, Palmetto Prosthetics and Specialist to make the transition to life as an amputee as easy as possible.